Betting Bonuses Ghana

The majority of online betting sites in Ghana will offer some form of betting bonus. These are part of a marketing strategy for the website, to help them attract, and in some cases retain, punters. It is always worth checking out the terms and conditions before entering into any promotional bonus as they usually include restrictions – sometimes the bonus may not be valid in a particular country or region of the world for example.

Some of the most popular betting bonuses include:

A sign-up bonus: People are often wary of disclosing their personal information and so getting people to sign-up to an online betting site can sometimes be a difficult task. One way of enticing punters to sign-up is by offering a bonus when you sign up for an account. The practice is now used across the industry and can include anything from free cash bonuses to free spins on a roulette table or having better odds on a sporting event.

A first deposit bonus: This is specifically aimed at new customers and promises them a reward for making a deposit to help them start with a larger bankroll. In most cases, this reward is in the form of a cash bonus, especially on casino and sport gambling sites, where doubling the amount of money deposited by the new customer is very popular. The bonus is normally a certain percentage of the deposited money and there is usually a limit to the amount the website will be willing to deposit, so check this before you start depositing.

No Deposit Bonuses: Betting websites that focus primarily on sports tend to offer this, and it again, is usually as part of the signup bonus. The specified bonus amount is deposited into the account of the new punter so that they can place a few bets even without the need to make a deposit. Although the free amount is usually small, it is a great way for new bettors to get a feel of the site without putting their own money at risk and committing to a first deposit.

Reload Bonuses: These are offered in two different sets of punters – those that have signed up and received the first bonus and existing punters. For the newly signed-up punters, the reload bonuses is normally offered on their next deposits and will be a relatively smaller percentage compared to the first deposit one.

Existing punters will be offered may reload bonuses during special promotions and for events like a golf tournament, the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NBA championship or a popular car race etc.

Free Bet Bonuses: These are awarded to new and old punters who can place bets without risking losing your own money. No deposits are required, but you should have placed at least one bet on a sporting event. If you win, you are able to collect the winnings.

Bonus on Loss: Designed specifically for punters who have experienced a loss, the aim here is to prevent punters from being discouraged to the point of leaving permanently. Very few sites will offer this type of bonus but those that do, offer the bonus as a percentage of the loss incurred – so for example you may receive half or a quarter of the loss back.

Loyalty Bonuses: Loyal customers need to feel special and this type of bonus achieves just that. Sports betting sites use these bonuses to retain their loyal bettors by letting them earn loyalty points whenever they place a bet. Once they have accumulated a specific number of points, they can redeem the points for cash or free bets.

High Roller Bonuses: Those who have the capacity to bet big will probably be offered a percentage of their deposit amount. This is usually a big percentage amount, which in some cases can help increase the bankroll by almost 50%.